Hard start cold engine Smart 06 CDI

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My smart was having trouble starting when the engine was cold or left for about 1hr or so.  Didn't matter what outside temp was plugged in or not.  It would cough and sputter, sometimes stall.  When it does start there is more smoke, sounds like not all cylinders are firing then it sounds normal in a few seconds.  Also a engine surge up and down until the alternator puts a small load on the engine and that does stop.  Has not stalled in traffic ever.  131K on it now.


I have changed the following.

Fuel filter

Glow plugs

Ran sea foam through the fuel lots of times.

I have blanked out the EGR with the method of turning the valve 180 degrees to block the exhaust gas/carbon from ever clogging again.


So I just replaced the injectors yesterday... I was very happy it started fine all day after sitting. No idle surge. Seemed to pull RPM's way better.   HAPPY HAPPY :)



So this morning its about +5 C. Hit the start after the glow plug light went out and it coughed and sputtered to start.  Not happy again :(  Any ideas what else may need to be replaced ???

Oh and the only code I have seen was the EGR code nothing else.  Since I blanked the EGR out that never comes up anymore.


Thanks I love this forum...



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Better checking the basics before changing parts:

Measure cylinder compression, read injection pressure when cranking using diagnostics, measure feed pump pressure. 

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