Please help me how change front lights on a 2006 smart car!?!!

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You must remove front panels to replace head lights. For bulb replacement, just reach in through the small service flaps.聽

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A common problem is the connectors tend to get stuck fast onto the bulb terminals making it impossible to pull connectors off in the very tight space only working with one hand or a couple of fingers.

My cure is to apply penetration oil through a long straw. 聽Any flexible straw聽or hose will do even a real grass straw. 聽With the connectors soaked in oil they pull聽off quite easily.

Small hands and slim arms make the job very easy. 聽For that reason I have trained my wife to do the bulb changes on my Smart.

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can be done with fat hands and manly arms too through the panels if you make sure you understand how the little clip works...stretch that clip or get it unhooked and youre going to have to take the front end off (which only takes about 5 minutes anyway)

first time will not be easy but it gets easier each time

i would suggest using a testlight first to check for power ...if no power to headlight changing bulbs is a waste...sometimes its a bad connection on sam plug...or a burned sam pin if youre really not lucky

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