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Canadian Special Editions

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It would be interesting if we had a sticky with a list of all the different types of special edition 450s, 451s, and 453s sold in Canada, with production numbers.

I have a feel for what's out there just from reading around, but thought it might be cool if we collected all that info in one place. Mike is doing an amazing job tracking VINs, but I find it tough to navigate all the registries to get to the bottom of how many of which "special editions" were sold. I see a lot of ads for smarts with people claiming "super rare xxyy edition!!", and I thought it might be a useful resource for someone looking into the special editions to have a quick reference to find out just how "rare" or not, what they are looking at, actually is, in Canada specifically. 


I know I'm missing a ton of them. 


4 x Canada 1's 
50 x BRABUS Nightrun
200 x GrandStyle




1 x Ultimate
10 x BRABUS edit10n
50 x Greystyle
? x BRABUS (the all-black with BRABUS exhaust, monoblocks, badges etc?)
? x Edition high style

? x Edition 1 (Light Blue Metallic)



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451 Edition 1 (light blue metallic)

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