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Noise reduction

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I used to have a loud exhaust NA Mx5 with the crazy short ratio gearbox 3500 rpm at 100km/h. On the highway i would have wind noise, road noise, engine noise, and exhaust noise. Road trips were very fatiguing, i got the smart car to replace it and i wanted a relaxing drive. It seems with higher spec european cars you get a bigger engine, a quieter, and softer ride. The driving difference between a $30,000 C class and a $130,000 E class is basically just less noise. This got me thinking, the smart car has lots or room to make it quieter. This is a list of things im going to gradually do to reduce the highway noise I experience in the car:


-Sound deadening material inside of the wheel wells, on the floor, engine bay, in the doors, tailgate, and firewall.

-Vinyl wrap glass roof

-Sound absorbing foam, double sided taped on inside of the roof

-Double door seals

-Antennae delete

-Aero windsheild wipers

-Make sure the engine and components are well serviced running correctly/quietly


I have LRR tires at 44psi which give a very secure and responsive(comforting) ride on the highway. I could do lower pressure for a softer ride but the car would wallow more on the highway, wallowing is stressful. My smart is already 1000X times more relaxing on the  highway than my mx5. If anyone has more suggestions feel free to post


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