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Cdn 2005 CDI no start

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Hey Guys/Gals

Long time lurker. Minimal poster here. First off let me thank all of you. Over the years I have found many many helpful tips and support from this site. Invaluable in such tasks as Turbo core replacement, intercooler replacement, glow plugs, axle seals etc. You know, all the hands on these little cars give us. Lol.


But on too the show:

Our little smart died a couple nights ago under full gallop and would not start. Turns over but no fire. The strong turning over with something missing eg. electrical/sensor wise. If you have experienced this you will know what i mean.

Checked all the usual suspects:

- SAM connector 11-3, pin 10 all good

- grounds at turbo inlet pipe and 8 into 1 on engine bay good

- alternator turning, battery strong and charged

- buzzing that i believe is lift pump when key on for approx 5 seconds.

- no codes stored or three bars of death ---


What would be the next diagnostic to pursue or checks i have missed?

Crank sensor?? if so what is diagnosis other than replace and see?


Regards Bryan



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