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Whats the lowest rating that you've ever had?


Yesterday I must have been really ''bad'' because my rating was a 7.

Anyone have lower?

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3% after commute drive home, kick ass car, loved my old 2013 Smart ED.


My new 2018 Smart ED isn't nearly as aggressive in terms of acceleration or driving dynamics, just a far better car, and hard to get it completely unhinged, whereas the old Smart was easy to get "over the edge" with it's smaller tires and narrow wheel base.


I really drove hard today in my new Smart ED, heavily into the anti-lock multiple times, throwing it around from lane to lane, no drama, it's finally a real car.

3% eco IMG_20151022_194828.jpg

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I was able to get mine to zero by taking a 5 km route home from my old shop that was all back streets. Because I was often doing this drive in the wee hours of the morning, I knew there would be nobody around, so I could be a little more aggressive. And the great thing about driving aggressively in an electric car, is it's completely silent! :D 


It was a lot of short segments with stop signs and corners. A very zig-zag route. The eco score is based on gentle acceleration, coasting to a stop, and maintaining constant speed. Driving aggressively with such short segments between stops and corners, I was able to pretty much NOT do any of those. 


Photo 2014-12-08, 15 02 33.jpg


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