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Water Pump

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I was recently asked to look at a members smart that was overheating.

I initially suspected the thermostat. However there had been a significant coolant loss and the right side of the engine was wet below the water pump.

It was therefore decided to change both the water pump and the thermostat.


This would be a first for me. Looking at the location I decided it would provide easier access by dropping the engine.

A ''Hepu'' water pump was purchased. Examination showed that 7 bolts held it in place.

Looked easy enough.


However 1/2 of the T10 bolts were hard to get at and I had to use a combination of wobble extensions to access and remove and some skinned knuckles.

Luckily none of the bolts were seized.

After removal the engine surface was cleaned.


The new pump came with a gasket. But the pulley would have to be reused. It was held on by 4 small hex head bolts 4mm. They were very tight and took some persusion to remove.


Looking at the pump it was easier to install with the pulley off. That was done and then the pulley reinstalled. T10's torqued to 10Nm same for the 4mm's.


Job done but antifreeze needed to be added and the system ''burped.''

The thermostat was also changed and the problem was solved - no more overheating and no more coolant loss.


The water pump is $158+tax from the dealer.

I have a good parts supplier - only uses oem products and better price.


pictures are in reverse order









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nice pics


i hope you cleaned up and greased the solenoid connection while you were in there


those wobble end extensions are great tools

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