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The "lock" washer of my right hand door mirror broke and no longer keeps the spring compressed.


Does anyone know the part number or where I can get a replacement? 


My only affordable option at the moment is to get a replacement unit from a wrecker as I don't care if the glass is broken or not.

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I believe wing mirrors only come as complete units although spare glass is available separately.


What do you mean by lock washer?  Perhaps below info may help:


Wing Mirror Repair


Only applies to manual wing mirrors.

Symptom:  Control handle becomes sloppy and mirror no longer responds as it used to.

Cause:  Outer sheath of one control cable has punched through plastic gimbal at mirror end.

Cure:  See below.

Mirror glass with plastic backing plate must be released from gimbal of mirror. Soak mirror and gimbal in boiling hot water to soften the plastic, then pry mirror glass with backing plate off.  It is held onto gimbal with four clips.

Unscrew gimbal from mirror body.  There are 3 long screws Torx 10.  Pull gimbal off body.

Socket "V" had been punched trough on this mirror.  The broken off plastic piece can be seen above the date stamp 93/6 just to the left of socket "V".

Repair:  Bore out punched through socket with a 4.8 or 5.0 mm twist drill.  Make new socket out of brake pipe.  One end must be spun to reduced diameter and other end be formed into a single SAE 45 degree flare.  Slot the piece as shown using a hack saw or small cutting disc.

Note the three cables are colour coded and their position is important for logical functioning of mirror control.

Assemble control wires and gimbal into mirror body.


The repair takes about 30 minutes depending on skills.  Time for removal and refitting on car not included.

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Sorry for the very delayed response.


The washer that I was talking about is the star lock washer that holds the spring down. 


A couple of the teeth wore out and no longer hold the spring compressed.



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