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Disassembly of engine

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It's been years since I swapped out an engine or disassembled one.


I wanted to clean up the shop and had an old engine on a pallet. It came from my wifes cdi that had been rear ended and written off. I parted out the car and kept the engine.

Main damage was to passenger side rear.


I didn't have an engine hoist so I improvised and used my shop hoist - worked out well because I was able to change heights to make it easier to work.


Closer examination showed that the alternator had been damaged, motor mount twisted , and water pump housing damaged.

So I removed the fuel pipes, injectors, fuel rail, wiring harness, starter motor, high pressure fuel pump, various sensors - all useable parts.


I was able tor remove the glow plugs so I decided to remove the cylinder head - might be useful if someone had broken off a glow plug in the head.


It was a good days work doing this but it was enjoyable and educational for me.









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