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 HELP!!! I need some sort of guidance anyone had similar:

Car had been left about a week, expected battery not to start but it did. Drove 3 miles parked up for an hour then it wouldn’t start.

Lights come on dash, radio came on but nothing happens.

Was in an awkward position so tried messing around with the gear box changing gears to try and see if I could roll the car to a better place. (Can’t normally as its automatic)

The dash then freaked out, shows a three line gear fault , lots of clicks coming the car.

Because now can’t put it in gear, I can’t engage neutral to start car even if battery was original issue and is recharged.

Playing with the gears doesn’t help, the dash just clicks repeatedly (about 12 times, seems to be coming from speedo) and flashed on and off. Scared I am making it worse.

Any help would be appreciated …I am going to get it recovered but there are no Smart garages nearby so I think I am going to have problems!

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Turn off car. Wait for a ''click'' - approx. 20 secs, then another 5 secs - this rests the computer and turn on car.


What year is your smart?

and where are you located?

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I would start by trying to give the car a boost.  I suspect you are in PA, low battery voltage can cause some very odd problems with the smart.  I have a small booster pack if my car sits for a week or more.  The 3 mile drive if it was all in town or with a fair amount of gear shifting, likely did not give sufficient time to charge the battery at all.

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