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Hey Everyone, I'm new to club smart car and the smart car lifestyle. I bought a new to me 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion convertible. It's white, with mint black leather seats, car only has 31 K miles, and has been garaged or kept under a car cover. I've known the previous owner, and had ridden in the car and driven it once. It really surprised me how much leg room it had, and how quick the little thing was with him driving it and shifting.


When his car collection grew, I took advantage of him needing to make space in the garage, and asked him to sell me the car. After spending a week in it, I'm in love way more than I expected. It's just a fun little car and it really gets in your blood when a big SUV cuts you off, and you downshift and get around them in traffic.


Right now I realize it could be the honeymoon stage, but I could totally see myself buying another one. I have a 1997 Camaro SS 30th Anniversary, and sadly it's the smart car that everyone in the household is fighting over. Right now, the only modifications I've done is replace the door speakers, replace the broken antenna, and it came with bumper spikes front and rear and a set of billet tow hooks. Oh also it's got a beautiful tint job on the windows and strip on the windshield.


The only thing I've got to troubleshoot is the A/C blower doesn't start blowing until I hit a bump, then it comes on. I think it could be the mixing door or smart equivalent but not positive,

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Previous owner has passed away since you have known him?  


Heater fan trouble is normal with your model. Fan motor carbon brushes and commutator are incompatible. 

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Welcome from Florida!!  I hope you enjoy your smart as much as I have enjoyed mine for the last nine years.

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