450 Cabrio Roof Not Locking

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It was such a nice day I washed and waxed my cabrio. Cleaned the interior and put the roof down. All of this inside a heated garage. The roof never locked in the full down position. I tried a few times to get it to lock down. But it wouldn’t. So I tried to put it up. Same thing. Would not lock. Everything looked good. Engagement was fine but it just wouldn’t lock. So I disconnected the battery. Waited 10 seconds and tried again. It locked in the down position with no trouble. Unlocked ok and locked in the up position. Closed the roof with no I got brave and put it all the way down again. Had no issues at all this time. Your thoughts. 

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My thoughts: Hakuna Matata.


unless it happens a lot no worries

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Hello, did You manage to solve the issue or it does not happened again ?

I´m facing same issue. The roof works smoothly until I try to put it down. Hooks check but the engines does not operate to lock it in the position. Same situation when try to put back up.


I have to move the roof little to the front and then move the locks manually one by one.


During weekend I tried to switch the roof itself from another car ( not sure this was working fine before as the previous owner has it couple of years out of the car) but another roof has same troubles.


Do You know if the roof get signal from the ECU = visible on the diagnostics ?


Did anyone open the roof locking mechanism how it´s working inside ?


The marked pin ( on the Part number Q0022404V001000000 ) should be operated by the roof cable ( Q0019674V001000000 ). There is a plastic part moving which I have no idea how it´s operated - well I know it´s not moving how it use to... 


Thanks for reply.



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