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So I have a 2006 (.8L) Diesel Smart fortwo.

It has been out of service since 2013, when I disassembled it to diagnose several mechanical issues that I was having.

I recently got around to servicing it, replacing the turbo, EGR value, several hoses and rebuilding the starter and alternator.

Unfortunately as I took it apart about 5 years ago I am a little a little hasy on a couple of details and I was hoping I could get some clarification from some one on a couple of things.



There is a metal pipe that runs between the turbo and the EGR valve.


It has a place to attach 2 hoses.


I have found one hose that connects this pipe to the front of the engine.

This hose appears to fit to the take off on the turbo side, of the pipe.

What connects to the take off on the EGR side of the pipe?


I can not find any hoses that would connect to this pipe...



I have what appears to be a coolest line that runs to the front of the vehicle.

This line is in addition to the two lines that connect to the water pump.

Where would it connect to?

This line would fit to the pipe from the previous question but it has coolant in it, and runs to the front of the vehicle which doesn't make much sense to me.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


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#1 those are your coolant hoses. It runs from your thermostat to the EGR cooler (connected to your turbo), then loops around the IC, then to the front of your engine. The EGR cooler also route exhaust gases to your EGR valve from the turbo.


#2 1 line goes back to the engine for coolant flow during warm up (big hose), the one goes to your EGR cooler, loops around, then goes to the front of your car to the heater core


Hope this helps

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