Ignition knock / detonation?

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Car: roadster 450 petrol, engine similar to fortwo 450.


Recently I started hearing very weird crackle noise on takeoff. Not much difference from accelerator pedal, but only happens on very low RPM on first gear, mainly while accelerating on clutch from dead stop. The noise is well pronounced and quite random, I hear maybe around 10 crackles until 10mph is reached, when noise goes away. The car drives normally, I can't hear it while at speed, at any load.

I thought maybe it's clutch actuator, but hooked up my delphi box and started actuator cycling (engine off), which produced no weird noises.

There are no codes on the ECU.

Other idea is maybe clutch bearing... But not sure what noise it should make, also I can't her anything when switching at higher speeds.


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