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Sam Internal Wiring for N11-3 Connector

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I am looking at by-passing the N11-3 connector as Pin 11 seems to have erratic connectivity issues.


I am hoping someone could point to where in the SAM I would terminate this to.





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Remove the SAM, make note of where everything is plugged in including fuses!


- Open up the case (a few screw and plastic tabs)

- Be careful not to damage the ribbon as it is fragile

- Locate N11-3 and clean up the area with contact cleaner and or with a tooth brush

- Solder the wires you wish to bypass directly on the PCB

- Drill a hole at a convenient location

- Run the wire(s) through, and reassemble everything

- You could either solder the wires directly to the corresponding wires on the harness, or you can purchase pins/connectors to make your own (recommended).


SAM pinout and removal instructions can be also be found on either evilution or fq101 should u need more guidance.


Good reading before you start: 


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