Any Interest in a Smart Car Rally/Road Trip?

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I've been mulling over this for awhile, just wanted to see if we can get some AB Smart owners out for a get together event sometime in Aug or Sept.


The idea is to go for a weekend road trip with a bunch of smarties...options?


- Edmonton => Jasper (stay for one or two nights)

- Edmonton => Rocky Mountain House (stay for one nite) => Abraham Lake => Saskatchewan Crossing => Jasper (one nite)

- Edmonton => Waterton National Park (stay for one or two nights)


Any interests or ideas?

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I'd love to, just can'
I'll be heading out west next summer to be in Dawson City for the summer solstise....maybe meet up then?


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Need to probably set some tentative dates. Hopefully 2021 will be better! I’ve mentioned to a few local Smart car owners and they all seem excited at the idea, but most of them are not active members here on CsC. I guess I’ll throw some dates out and see where this goes?


May 29th/30th? Day trip to Jasper?

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Awesome! Lets look to nail down some of the details. Ideally it would be cool to have 5-10 smarties join. If anybody else wants to help plan/organize, it would be awesome.


1) Day Trip Cruise (please make suggestion as to which works best for everyone)

    a. Jasper (requires park pass or $20/day)  ~366km single way

    b. Abraham Lake ~350km single way

    c. Drumheller ~280km single way

    d. Car Museum in Wetaskwin (currently closed) ~85km single way


2) Date:

    a. May 29, 2021 (Sat)

    b. May 30, 2021 (Sun)

    c. ???


2) Depending on COVID restrictions, we can play it out later with regards to food and group activities. Because we're going to the mountains, we can just stay in our cars and go on short hikes worst case scenario so no real issues there.

    a. Outdoor hike/site seeing

    b. Group lunch

    c. Group dinner

    d. Individual car trunk picnic?

    e. Any suggestions on places to go and see?


3) I spoke with someone from MB West, they might be interested in contributing/participating in some form - will need to have a bit more nailed down before we go any further with them.


Lets start a list of people interested (I didn't include the people that replied to my txt, but I can if they confirm):


1) Stickman007 - Izzy and Alex

2) Iratama - Robin

3) Carson

4) Trish & Dan

5) SilkySmart - Eryk




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I'm interested! Fellow Edmontonian Smart Driver!


I responded to your text Izzy, and here I am.


Happy to finally join....


- Eryk :D

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