Hello fr West Kootenays, BC, Canada

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Hello , Just joined, recently bought a used 2005 Smart Car Passion Diesel.

Love it and the mileage...


Found this sight while researching codes...

But I have noticed some lugging and effort to start fr 1st gear going up hills....

I live in an area of lots of hills, and mountains too. But this is about smaller steep hills...

Engine light comes on and off a lot lately;  had it at the shop to get codes read...

I can attach the codes if its ok,








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Ouch, that's quite the list of problems.  


If Rocinante is the car's name, it's appropriate.....


Start with the battery.


It sounds as though a bunch of components were swapped and you need to have a shop with Mercedes STAR system to see if they can sort that out.


The turn signal bulbs are likely either the upper or middle rear bulbs.


Once STAR has done what it can, the other issues can be addressed.

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Thank you v much Mike...

I will definitely get the battery issue addressed righ away,



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$6.00 in shop supplies, gotta love that!


Curious what the ODO in the cluster being 'lower than module' difference is?


You ought to consider some fuel injector cleaner - I would suggest Howes Meaner Power Kleaner as a start, and use about 150 to 200 ml per fillup for a few tanks. Get a long neck funnel for an easier time getting the fluid into the tank, then fill with diesel. You can use the regular Howes diesel treat on an ongoing basis.... maybe 50 ml to 100 ml per tank.


I've had really good luck with Howes taking care of sluggish issues and even making codes like P0303 go away.

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