Coolant leak

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About replacing steel splash guards with plastic soup plates. 


You need a support ring in centre of soup plate for this mod to work as seen in above photo. The black one is an original Smart splash guard. 

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How to fit wishbone bushes on a 450 or 451:


I’ve seen some knock them in with a hammer and ruin both bushes and wishbone. 

I pull them in using an old front bearing centre bolt, a nut, a couple of large washers and short pipe pup pieces cut from an old exhaust muffler. 








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Front steering knuckle is made from steel plate:




On one side I could see light through one of the plates. 




I considered getting a new steering knuckle but did not like its price so just welded up the holes. 

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This is bringing back restoring old military jeep 40 years ago...damn!   Take every piece apart and sandblast them down to clean steel then red oxide paint them then paint everything  again with desired colour....never a rusty part anywhere, I used to say if you can find any rust it's yours! Take her away!   I had a few adventurous types climbing under my jeeps looking for a lump pf typical rust...Nobody took it from me.   I wish i could still claim the same now for my vehicles.  Damn.

Maybe this Smart will get the bug going again...? It's simple enough really!
 I have to first wash off all the oily rustproofing Glenn Smart142 dipped it   I shouldn't complain about it, it's what makes this car better than most!


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