LED Headlights in 451 ED

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When our tail light failed I tried to replace them with an LED unit that ostensibly supported CANBus.  Failed.  Thanks for the no questions asked return Amazon.   


While I was at it though, I installed a set of cheap LED headlights.   $40 for a pair.   Working fine, whiter, and they seem a bit brighter.   Quoted at 9600 lumens, but I'd guess more like 6500 because they don't seem to be that much stronger, and they are definitely not the blinding types you see on some cars.   Installation was trivial, and the orientation was easy to adjust.   Wattage is supposed to be 60W vs 110W for the OEM.   So perhaps they will save us a tiny amount of drain.  


Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about the rubber covers.   Probably buy a second set and puncture them for the LED fans. 

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