DIY Smart Radio Aux In

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Likely this is covered here but what the heck

Here's my DIY Aux in made from vintage organ spade connectors (squeezed a bit) and a piece of old headphone extender cable

Works a charm

Thanks internet!

Mind you this is only for those who are thrilled with the novelty of a working radio and cd player in car and are too cheap to buy a more advanced radio.

Cost 0$

DIY Smart Aux in.jpg

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Here’s the pin allocation for the stock Grundig head unit in the 450.

I got the correct plug for $1 at a car audio installer.

It allows me to easily run an aux in with the speaker connector and a Brabus sub woofer.

Plug and play.


Fortwo 450 And Roadster
Grundig Radio, Cassette And CD.


Pin Number Wire Colour Connection
A1   No Connection
A2   No Connection
A3   No Connection
A4 Blue 12v Switched
A5   Remote Out
A6 Brown/White or Green/Blue Lighting Input
A7 Pink/White or Pink 12v Permanent
A8 Brown Earth
B1 Yellow Tweeter Right +
B2 Yellow/Black Tweeter Right -
B3 Green/Yellow Speaker Right +
B4 Grey/Green Speaker Right -
B5 Green/Blue Speaker Left +
B6 Grey/Brown Speaker Left -
B7 Green Tweeter Left +
B8 Green/Black Tweeter Left -
C1   No Connection
C2   No Connection
C3   No Connection
C4   No Connection
C5   No Connection
C6   12v Permanent
C7   12v Switched
C8   Radio Mute
C9   Earth
C10   12v Lighting
C11   Phone Speaker +
C12   Phone Speaker -
C13   CD Changer Signal
C14   No Connection
C15   Earth
C16   12v Permanent
C17   12v Switched
C18   CD Changer Input -
C19   CD Changer Input Left
C20   CD Changer Input Right

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