Looking for used 450 body panel Parts

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Can you post a picture.

The 2006 did not come in yellow. Probably ''stream green'' which looks yellow when faded.

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Then we are twins, Watch out for coffee spills on your seats! Get yourself some seat covers asap.....unless you like coffee  or food found some neon green cheapies off fleabay or amazon for highback buckets that fit well enough and are brighter than the car!.....I'll look for the link, and see if I can show you.
Also the side door fabric stains easily if you have anything but spotless hands....I'm mechanical so no I don't have clean hands all the time, The wife uses goof off I think to remove the stains. Try a small spot to see, Clean white rag and dampen it then wipe the fabric, she has good luck with it.
I'm one step away from painting my interior to stop the whole problem!


But the colour of the car is an eye catcher...enjoy!


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Thanks Willys. I just bookmarked the page for a blue set,  I'll order them when I get to Victoria since they can't get here before I go.



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