Saw a single wheel trailer on a smartcar

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LOL...I went to the local big box hardware store last week or so......wanted to buy a piece of wood, that definately wouldn't fit unless on a trailer or somehow strapped to the roof.....The guy there said I wasn't the first guy in there that day asking about a large quantity of lumber, but the other guy took it!  He has the convertable and simply stood it all up almost stright the guys said and took off!   He said the car was almost bottomed out!!!   Maybe in my beater, but definately not in the good car......someone before me spent plenty of time and love keeping it in very good nick so I am going to keep that going! No abuse for it.    The beater on the otherhand, well it's now got it's 2" lift kit installed, next the larger wider tires and god help it......I'm going to have some fun in it this winter!   It has a sun roof....but I think I will seal it shut using removable draft stop just to stop it becoming a swiming pool Rear windows have already been siliconed leaks there.

Is there an easy way to turn off the traction control and turn it back on so as to have some fun, then instantly turn it back on without going through minutes of programing  sequences...???    I bet it'll be left on but you never know?



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39 minutes ago, tolsen said:

I also regularly carry an 9 m ladder in my Smart car. Only local moves around the village. No problem when you own a Cabrio. 

M'm 9m in English is about 30 feet. So you can carry a 30 ft ladder? Sounds like horse sh#t to me but who knows maybe to the scotts 1 foot coversion equals 1 inch? Now that would be believable. I can carry a 10ft ladder in the front seat. It looks like this. And a fridge in the back too.



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I once brought a beer fridge home in the cabrio, just opened the top and stuck the fridge in the passenger seat. By the time I got home the top 8" the cardboard box was covered in bug splats. 

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