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450 parts 2005-2006, new, used, rims, etc

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I have hoarded for the last few years...

Brand new dealership stock that I got out of Peterborough when the dealership changed hands about $4000 worth of inventory the bulk of it fasteners and small parts. I do have a list of these parts with numbers.

Lots of used parts from stripping a few Cabrios at the yards, roofs, lights, panels, powertrains, Still a complete cabriolet parts car white on black on hand.

Lots of aftermarket parts from various sources, filters, bearings, brakes, etc

Many factory accessories like cup holders, 

Around 20 steel wheels, various used tires-Conti front snows, Conti summers, Bridgestone summers mostly 2006 date codes on tires. 

I am fixing up 2 coupes but have lots of excess, I get to my shop once a week if you are looking for something. I can ship but generally not quick about it too much going on!

Always looking for parts cars and parts, will come clean out the garage or shed Ontario-Quebec. 

Shop is located just outside Perth in eastern Ontario, meeting up in Ottawa region no problem, Montreal/Sherbrooke/Drummondville often. Toronto less often.



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