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2005 fortwo passion coupe for future sale

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This note has been posted in order to compile a list of potential buyers to be contacted when the time comes to part with my smart. I have been driving the car less and less each year due to arthritis, among other things. In a couple of years, I'll be an octogenarian, and am already pretty creaky. Eventually, it will be sold, either by me, or my wife, if I'm no longer around. I'd like to see it go to someone who values diesel smart car ownership. Selling it is complicated by the fact that it has hand controls, which cost over $1000 to have legally installed by a licensed specialist. When the time comes, if a person who needs a car with hand controls could be found, that would be ideal; the car could be signed over to him/her as long as the person has first legally qualified for driving using hand controls. If that ideal recipient can't be found, the hand controls would have to be removed before the title could be transferred. 

The odometer just passed 98,000 km this year. At the current rate of use, it will certainly be less than 100,000 km when it finally goes onto the market. It's fuel consumption records are available online on under user "smart65". Those records show that the odometer reading was 75,626 km on the day in October, 2008 when I filled the tank just prior to having the surgery which ultimately left me a paraplegic. The A/C was reconditioned a couple of years ago by M-B Oakville. It worked last year, but unfortunately has again lost its refrigerant. A couple of years ago, I had CsC member "Bessy", an apprentice mechanic at the time, replace the reluctor rings on the rear axles. He remarked that it was the first diesel smart that he had seen that had an intact original intercooler scoop. He described the car as "almost perfect". The Optima Redtop AGM maintenance-free battery is kept fully charged by being constantly monitored by a Battery Tender (TM) whenever parked at home in the garage. Every time I take it for a spin, it starts and performs flawlessly. Whenever it is started up (only on nice days), it's taken for at least a 20 km spin, guaranteeing that the engine reaches full operating temperature before shutdown. The thermostat has been upgraded, so operating temperature is in the range of 88-91C.

The following text was copied from the text that appears at the bottom of my CsC posts, which describes the factory features that I ordered, and mods that I've made to the car:

Some of extras on smart: tach & clock pods, heated seats, sound upgrade, underseat storage tray, electric P/S, softtouch, steelies & Blizzak winter tires, hand controls, MDC cruise control with W/W arm control, MDC armrest, front signal lights converted to Euro-style with original signal lights running as DRLs and front side lighting converted to act only as signal repeaters (now LED), Grundig 6 CD changer, MDC ultimate window package, Scangauge II, 3-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters, Technine stage 2 remap, LED footlights under dash.  

I also have miscellaneous bits and pieces which would accompany the car (including a desktop model purchased from M-B). Maintenance records from day 1 included.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing this unique car, is invited to send a CsC PM to me, supplying name and phone number and/or email address. The selling price will depend upon bids received at the time that I decide that I am ready to say goodbye to the car, or, if I delay too long, when my wife sells it after my passing. Anyone in the GTA area is welcome to visit my residence in Mississauga to check out the car in person. If it's a nice day, and not during the period when the on-road insurance is deactivated for winter, I'd be happy to demonstrate its performance on the road.  





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