07 Fortwo Diesel Overheats after coolent change

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Hey. Any handy car people out there? I basically drained out the old coolent and flushed the system with a radiator cleaner. After that I filled it up with coolent..And when I start the car now it goes a few minutes at the temp gets very hot. If I drive it for like 3 min it's almost at max. I tried getting air out of the coolent holder tilting the vechile different ways..revving the engine while having the cap open.. Still no good. Do you have any suggestions for what might be wrong on my diesel 07? Help is much appreciated.

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You have to bleed at the engine whilst expansion bottle cap is off.  If yours has same or similar thermostat as the 450, you bleed by lifting temperature sensor at top of thermostat housing. Tie something to the metal clip so it does not get lost. My clip has a nylon tie wrap permanently attached to clip for that reason. 

Do this when engine has cooled down sufficiently so you do not get scolded. 

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I don't think its the same looking thermostat. But It probably works the same way.

Could you tell me where in the engine the thermostat is located on my picture?

sorry for being a smart noob.

Thanks for tip


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