Difficulty with semi automatic gear

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Recently purchased  used Smart car Passion, but came without the hand book 


Experiencing difficulty in selecting reverse and auto - as seems to go into manual 1 


Is there a knack in operating the gearbox so that auto and reverse are selected quite easily


Right now it is hit and miss !


Any advice appreciated 

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You have to have foot on brake to get reverse I think, it's automatic now for me....yep I'm an old timer now, had mine since    You sure are insistant on that you wandered onto the Evilution site yet? IF not, do'll stop wanting a manual after that visit. spend the 10 pounds and enjoy all the information above and beyond any manual would give you.  Just saying as the manual doesn't tell you squat, I have one. Just the usual how to turn radio on etc etc....nothing really useful.

IF the issue isn't the foot on the brake pedal when trying to get reverse then you may need to have your clutch and transmission retaught in ...?  That requires someone with a STAR machine in your area.    I'm not 100% sure where you are but ask around.....even start a new thread to see if there is one. It's an easy task, but the STAR machine wasn't cheap so expect a charge of some kind. 


Evilution may also be able to help with the STAR help as well seeing you are in the same country I'm assuming.

The guys name who runs or owns the evilution site is Kane...he's a nice helpful person but appreciates the common place manners our young generation have forgotten, so when you ask for help.....apply

Hope this helps


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