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Bought recently two Chinese 5kW cabin air heaters. 

One has arrived and second one is on its way. 

These are very well copied such that original Eberspächer parts will fit perfectly. 


The first heater worked very well for half a day but regrettably now won’t fire up. Its glow plug has failed and supplier has generously given me a £15 discount. 


Got no plans to fit these two in my Smart 450 but will be perfect for heating campervan and workshop shed. Will initially use one to heat my wee house. 

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ive seen those recently on youtube


was thinking of getting one for my tool shed

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I have also seen them on YouTube. Simple  German design. No oil jet that will clog. Ceramic glow plug. Single temperature sensor and no other sensor. Quiet well balanced fan on mine.  Cheap spares when buying Chinese. Clean burn when running on kerosene. 

Mine came with surprisingly well made hose clamps and other required loose parts. 

Its wiring harness was stated to come with sealed connectors. Found mine were not 100% sealed as grommets were missing around cables where they enter plugs and sockets.



In above photo I am shining light through connector for fuel pump. Need to seal that one with polyurethane if I fit pump under a vehicle or exposed to weather. 



Mine is showing error code E-03 and won’t fire. Got a faulty glow plug which goes open circuit when hot. 


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Fixed my glow plug. Was bad connection on lower spiral wound terminal. I made special C clamps out of marine bronze with M3 set screws to tighten clamps. Also had to remove excess ceramic material off lower terminal to

expose tungsten wire to ensure good enough electrical connections. 

Now enjoying good heat from this China heater and playing with its remote control.  I 

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Photos of repaired glow plug:




Glow plug pin is 4.5 mm in diameter. 

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