Smart Roadster Coupe 2003 700cc gearbox problem

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Hello everyone,


I am an owner of Smart Roadster 2003. Coupe 700cc. Today while driving in the city ive encou tered the 3 bars gearbox error. I started driving at green trafiic light and after first gear my board where i see which gear im in went blank and car lost gas pedal feedback. I was lucky that few meters after traffic light there was an old bus station and i stopped there and turned off the car. After i did that and turn the key back again car(gearbox) started making weird noise and i couldnt start the car. The temperature was -3 celsius and i was trying to get the car for 20minutes but get the same result. After some time car started again and it was going in all gears but the board still shows the 3 bars. i will post a link to my video i uploaded on yt of the problem so anyone could help me. Please give me some advice. Thanks. :(


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Suggest you post on theroadsternet as the Smart Roadster was not sold in Canada where this forum is based. 

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