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H, Ron from Trenton Ont. Canada. I have a 06 fortwo cdi diesel Passion.I have owned it for just over a year. I have replaced the front struts and broken coil springs and refurbished the clutch actuator after 3 bar code. I drove it for a while than came the no shift. I figured it was the actuator again so I removed it , it looked ok and functioned well to my surprise when I into the actuator hole there was just that, a hole right through the clutch pivot arm. to make things worst i now have a no start, it rolls over shakes and shutters but wont start, thinking maybe cps sensor, heard they are bad for that. I replaced the fuel filter. I like Smarty it fun to drive. I

 have it up on blocks in my shed wondering whether to forge ahead. I have limited mechanical ability but I am not week of heart. Any helpful advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome to the site....plenty of helpful folks here to help in any way you may need.
Check out those who have welded a nut or washer onto their actuator arm to stop it from pushing through the newly made hole in the clutch arm. Yes a bush type fix, but it works. OR you can drop tranny and replace arm with a fresh one. I know which route I'd be taking....just saying. I have  Plus it's just removing the actuator nothing else if I grasp the bush fix correctly.


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Get someone turn turn the key while you check to see if the alternator is turning.  They have been known to seize if the car sits for a while and the drag on the engine is usually enough to prevent starting.




ps. Welcome to the site.

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