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I just received my new pair of keys ordered from Amazon. They are complete with a new remote transmitter in each. My old original was worn out to the point where all buttons had holes and the transmitter exposed. The board mounted switch for the unlock button has even popped off the board. ( I now start the car by hitting the lock button with the rear hatch open, causing it to lock-unlock and reset the security.) As you can see in the pic, the new cover section fit my original key without an issue. At least the transmitter is out of the weather for now till I can get the new keys programmed and at least one of them cut to match as one will now be used for parts to repair the original. 


  The keys I ordered were: EC-SELLS $16.90 each



 These will NOT deliver to Canada and are not available on the site. I had these delivered to a friend in the US then they simply re mailed them to me. 


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From what i understand if you heat up the plastic on your original key you can get the key out of the fob, then reverse to get it into new fob. Then it's simply a reprograming....issue.  No need to get key cut..?


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I also may be driving to Belleville soon or through it  to pick stuff up...if that helps?


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