Passenger side engine rattling

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I know a good amount about cars and a good amount about smart cars but this problem has me puzzled. The passenger side of the engine bay is making a loud ticking/rattling sound.


-constant tick at idle(about 2 ticks a second)

-At speed it sounds like a rattling chain.

-When i turn left the rattle gets worse

-When i turn right the rattle gets quieter


The sound has been getting worse, a few days ago; at idle it started making a click every few seconds(randomly, not on a timed cycle). I thought it might be the timing chain, tensioner, exhaust heat shield loose, exhaust gasket leak. I didnt see any soot in the engine bay but i will inspect further today.


Any ideas? Ill upload a video later today

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Check the left side exhaust mount. Mine rattled like that for weeks before I discovered the source – the bolt had worked its way loose and subsequently gone missing – and by the time I got it bolted back up, the down tube had cracked. 

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Hi RodCDI,


   I’m pointing my finger at the oil pump drive chain and tensioner has failed/failing.


   I recommend you stop running the engine immediately and remove the oil pan for inspection.


   This is somewhat a common problem with the Smart CDI. If the chain that drives the oil pump breaks, the oil pump will stop producing oil pressure and catastrophic engine damage will occur. If the engine continues to run, the chain will produce metal filings and debris that will collect in the engine oil and filter element.


Get this investigated ASAP!

Do not run the engine until this is confirmed.

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