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1 hour ago, tolsen said:

2 wire connector I guess is for transmission speed sensor. 


For above, for gear change motor and for clutch actuator there are no repair kits available from Smart but there are for other Mercedes models that use same connectors. The problem is how to find these. You will need the services of a very skilled and helpful Mercedes parts person. 


MB Toronto actually does have one listed for the Shift Motor.  But it is the only one listed in the harness. I was hoping to find a part number for the other one to cross reference into the other MB listed connectors.


21 minutes ago, LooseLugNuts said:

figure out how to get the metal parts out of connector without damaging....then solder or re-crimp your own pigtail


  I did try that. I was able to get the backside of it somewhat open to push a new wire into it beside the broken one. I still don't trust it for very long tho..  I know there are little pins that stick out to hold them in the connector, but I cant seem to get it to let go and pull the pin out.

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Many years ago I posted details about terminal release tools and part numbers for repair terminals complete with short wire tail. Regrettably that was on onsmart which no longer exists.

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