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Peugeot 208 extended road test...coming up

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Sandy and I are heading off to Europe Tuesday.  On Thursday AM we will pick up a new Peugeot 208 hatchback at Porte St-Cloud in Paris and be off on the latest ride around Europe and GB.  Although this is a smaller and much cheaper car than the sporty RCZ we had in 2014, it should be fun.  The car will be taken to GB and IRL as well.  So watch for a 208 on red French plates, if you're over there! 


I'll report in more depth on the car in June when we're home.

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At Reims-Gueux at a former racetrack


The new model 208 is not for sale yet so we got a loaded run-out model of the old version.  It's very nice.  Some highlights:

  • 1.2L 3 cylinder 110 HP gas engine
  • 6 speed manual
  • glass roof (the whole thing)
  • air/tilt/cruise
  • reversing camera with distance settings
  • forward looking laser for distance control
  • and much more

The car pulls like a train and so far 192 km/h is the top speed I've seen (120 MPH) but over 200 should be possible, to be tested tomorrow.  It's quiet, fun to drive and well made.  Cost of the car per day is $35.  Should get the L/100 average down to under 6 eventually, but the balls-out Autobahn driving has not been helping with that!

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I keep reading 2026 for the return, but that is SO FAR AWAY!



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Peugeot may be sooner, likely 2022-23

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About 5000 km in so far and four up with 4 people and luggage it's averaging 6.3 L/100 km lifetime with a combination of high speed driving on Autobahns and city....with some country road work.  I do like the car.....and tomorrow we lose two passengers and their stuff so the FE should improve.


We should be at 7000+ km when the car is returned in 11 days.  More detailed info later.

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Posted (edited) · Report post



Top speed was electronically limited to an indicated 192 km/h - the car would have done 210 on the flats I guess had that not been the case.  The tires were 17" Michelin Pilot Sports, V-rated, so tires were not the reason for the speed limiter.  Mildly frustrating.....Anyway....


Quick summary: this was the run-out model of the car introduced in 2012, and the new version is about to be introduced.  The basic specs are above.  The model version is the "GT-Line".  Here are my comments:



  • much larger inside than it looks - we have four large adults and luggage in the car during our tour or Ireland and it was not a problem.  Well we did leave the largest suitcases elsewhere....
  • Suspension is the usual Peugeot genius.  Beautiful damping, spring rates that at the same time give a controlled drive and comfort, despite the huge 17 inch ultra low profile sports tires.
  • The high perched instrument panel and tiny steering wheel are unusual but after a while I found myself wondering why other cars aren't set up like this.
  • The electric power steering has good feel considering that most EPS systems don't.
  • 4 disc brakes (vented on the front) were excellent.
  • Tires were excellent too but I'd prefer a less sporting tire with more sidewall for enhanced comfort.
  • Seats were good, though they looked a bit odd, being a combination of black vinyl and a strange shiny fabric in the middle.  The car didn't have seat heaters, but they are available as an option.
  • Tons of torque, good gearbox and shifter.
  • good styling.
  • nice panoramic glass roof.
  • Passenger front airbag is roof mounted so the glovebox is ENORMOUS.
  • Beautiful dark metallic blue colour.


  • this is a cheap car at its core, and it shows even in this loaded version, with hard plastic door panels front and rear, and acres of hard plastic around the dashboard (though there is a substantial upholstered portion close to the driver and passenger).
  • the 3 cylinder engine sounds a bit buzzy from outside the car when idling.
  • the auto-stop system has a knack for shutting the engine off at the exact moment that the clutch is engaged when trying to move off from rest, so this led to four or five occasions where it stalled and I had to restart manually.  This function can be disabled with a dashboard mounted switch but you would have to do it each time the car is started.
  • Official fuel economy estimates led me to hope for about 5 L/100 but in the mixed and high speed driving we ended up averaging 6.2 over 7300 km.  Not terrible but not great either.


It's a fine little car, much better than the contemporary Ford Fiesta we bought in Canada in 2012, and the new 208 is apparently even better.  Would I buy one of these?  Sure would.

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