Fortwo tourer randomly stalling

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Relatively new issue with car.

randomly stalls on me and takes several attempts to re start car (no engine crank during these attempts)

for example, 3 weeks ago, car was cold, had been driving at 50kph for approx 5 -10 minutes. Car stalled when at a stop light, dash goes blank where gear is displayed and engine just shuts off. 

To re start car, moved into neutral, hand brake on, lights off, unplugged dash cam, removed key, locked, unlocked, attempted car start, repeat the lock unlock process 4-5 times.

i have then driven 2 weeks no issues.

car again stalls at stop light but this was after 30-45 mins driving at 60kph.

no issues for a week

today, car stalls while driving (had been driving approx 5 mins. Thankfully rolled to a stop light.

there was no noise from engine until I applied brake at stop light, car shuddered hard and then gave all dash lights. Took me at least 10 attempts to get it re started. I then had the yellow exclamation mark light in dash, I pulled over in a nearby carpark and saw that this is an abs warning light? It has now disappeared since restarting the car.

Apologies for long thread but does anyone have any idea what’s happening? My mechanic says no issues can be found (not a smart car specialist but deals with many as mine is from a previous business fleet that is local)

any help would be greatly appreciated

apologies for very long post

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