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Same displacement; 45 HP then 54 HP in the last ones.  Higher emission control standard.

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On 04/07/2019 at 1:56 PM, Leadwing said:


There are no 451 diesels in Canada.  After 2006, all they imported was gas and electric smarts.


I'm sure Chopper or some other member from that side of the big puddle will correct me if I'm wrong, but they were still available across the pond in the 451 format.

Yes, plenty of 451 diesels here.  Early ones were 45bhp, later DPF equipped versions 54 brake.  An early one remapped to 54 is the ideal way to go, but the be honest the DOF version isnt a big deal provided it isn't used for short urban journeys.


450 diesels never officially made to the the UK but there are a few about, all in LHD.

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I wonder, and this is the idiot modder in me thinking again......what's the differences between the North American diesel block and tranny to the two European versions? Could the engine mate to our tranny or would the whole unit slide into our engine bay without much modification?  10 BHP isn't something to sneeze at when speaking suck a small car. BUT is it at the cost of fuel economy? I'd hate to throw away those 80 MPGs just for a few horses.  Then again you'd probably need all the electronics too....damn.

Just curious?


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