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Desperate for help!

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I was advised from my Facebook smart car group to post here... I hope you all can suggest help...


OR... Any local mechanics one could recommend me? I'm in Vancouver !


My Smart Car (2005 CDI 450). I am frustrated, I am upset. I looked through a lot of posts and hours of YouTube videos. I am desperate. PLEASE HELP...

Long story: 
The problem started with the car sitting for 2 weeks while I try to fix the infamous intercooler leak (it is no longer leaking), and cleaning the EGR valve. I put everything back together. Then car would not start, I would jump the car, and it would start immediately, then battery would not hold a charge. Reving the car to 3k, made it only drop faster AND it is blowing a lot of exhaust smoke (smells terrible at idle, worse at 3k rpm). 
Here's what I tried:
- I checked all cables, all secured and tight. 
- I bought a new engine ground wire (earth) because the last one was breaking apart. This connection is also tight. 
- I made sure the alternator was spinning freely (I can turn it with my hand while the belt is on).
- I checked the battery was made 01/19 (voltmeter after start up was 11.7volts when hooked up to a booster)
- Battery ground looks like there is corrision ( I haven't replaced this yet)
The next things I can think of is... I didn't ground the engine ground properly? Replace the battery ground, replacd alternator or replace the battery... ? I need experts before I throw more money into this car. Please help!



- Car would not start after 2 weeks, then would not hold a charge (battery made 01/19)
- checked connections, alternator spins freely, replaces engine ground wire

Thank you..

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The alternator should be putting out about 14 volts after starting.

Did you remove the EGR to clean?

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