Engine complete tear down and rebuild....

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OK, I have completely torn the engine down now. What i have found so far......lifters show a slight disfigurement where they ride in the rockers, the rockers show some wear on the surface where the valve stem hits. A few valves show signs of wear or show a lip that you can feel with your finger nail. The intake valves have a build up of carbon around stem that flakes off when touched, a bit like a corn flake..? The pistons have a 1.0 stamped on them, making me think it's been opened up beforehand...?  All bearing shells are perfect and show zero sign of wear. The oil drive sprocket on the crank spun freely after messing with it a bit...making me wonder if it can slip when it's running, but i think the crank pulley bolt crushes it tight and won't allow that to happen? Why doesn't the key way hold it...? I think that is what should happen? That is how I will reassemble it any way. The timing chain and oil chain and sprockets look perfect, but will be replaced ....just because I have new here. The clutch shows some dust and rust after me power washing the whole unit..?   Not sure if i should replace clutch unit while this far in...?  I need to find the way to remove the two pins in the head , one that holds the slider track for the timing chain and the other is just siting there..?  All bolts but one came undone without heat.....so I will replace the one which did stretch or deform as I undid it.

I saw only one gasket and that was the head gasket.....is this normal?  for a diesel engine?  Everything else was goo'd together with a black sealant adhesive type solution. If so i expect i can use Yamabond type stuff for gaskets?  Yes there are a few "O" rings and rubber seal gaskets but zero paper gaskets.
Next job is to clean everything as best i can before taking the block and head into the shop to be looked at and worked on if required.

So at the moment I require a head gasket, valve stem seals, crank seals, cam seals if there are any.....forgot already...lol.

Now comes the idiot in me........I like porting and polishing engines for better flow.......is it worth it on this engine.....yep a whopping how many horses....lol.

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Can you disassemble the clutch pressure plate unit or is that a sealed type item?

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Can be done but require special skills that very few of us possess. Of course I have opened out mine to look inside. Now running on a new friction plate that someone sent me for free. 

I advise against opening out clutch assembly unless you are a rear enthusiast and have the required patience and skills. 

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