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R&R Front Motor Mounts

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Things were slow at work, took the day off early and decided to attempt replacing the front motor mounts that has been sitting on my shelf for a few weeks - the rear left and right went in as soon as I got them from Eddy.


These were MB OEM mounts:

Front engine mount - 0003077V010000000

Rear Left transmission mount - 0005810V003000000

Rear Right engine mount - 0003144V05000000


The front mount was a pain to get at. Followed evilution's guide for the most part. The alternator shield was removed as well as the lower IC shroud. The OEM engine block heater had to be removed. The main bolt and nut supporting the centre of front mount was removed with a 17mm wrench on both side (ratcheting ones make life a lot smoother). The top 2 bolts holding the mount were removed with a 11mm ratcheting wrench even though they were torx head. The front of the engine was supported with a scissor jack. I also inserted the bolt from the p/s side during reassembly as CANMAN suggested in his alternator R&R wiki.



The bottom was the old mount and the top is new - noticed that they're slightly different!



Problem found! I noticed that under hard acceleration (especially when turning) I had a sewing machine type sound - the engine also moves a lot when pushing and pulling by hand. There were also sounds of knocking when engine is shuts off.


The whole ordeal took me about 1.5hrs on the ground without a lift. The car was raised with oil change ramps. Hope this info will come in handy for someone :)



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Originally I thought my knocking sound was tappets/rockers related, but by accident I noticed that the sound was gone when I did the polyurethane injection on the rear mounts.

i took it out for a short rip this evening and the acceleration knocking sound is pretty much gone. My gear shifts seems to be a bit more solid as well.


You having intermittent acceleration sounds MikeT?

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Just lots of what seems like the rear springs bottoming out on bumps but I figure it can't be.

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