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spare key doesn't work

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I've been having strange things happen with the central-locking.  Simply holding the keyfob the "wrong way" will cause the car's doors to lock/unlock randomly.


The key and keyfob otherwise work OK, but I think it's time to swap to the spare key.


But I have a problem.  The spare key has never worked since we bought the car (we're the second owners). 


The physical cut of the key looks identical, however it will not turn in the ignition.


Is there an electronic lock-out preventing the key turning? 


The open/close buttons don't work (yes the battery's been replaced :) ), so I'm thinking at the very least it needs to be sync'd with the SAM.


As an experiment, I took the working circuit board out of the working key put it into the spare-key fob.  The key still didn't turn.  So I think this means that the physical key cutting might not be correct.


Before I start comparing the key-cutting under a magnifying glass, does anyone know whether there's anything else preventing the key from turning?


Any advice most appreciated.



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My bet is the cut is off a bit.

My key will turn even if the battery and board aren't in the fob or even near the car.

If you're lucky the cut is to high and can be corrected by filing the tip a little to correct the alignment.

Before going to deep try putting in the key and slightly lifting it off bottom to see if it's cut short 1st.

I have a key here that's from a different car the the fob case is nicer than my current one which has cracks.

I've  considered taking my spare fob and swapping both the metal key and board over as the key part is just pushed straight into the plastic and clips in.

A touch of JB weld or epoxy will hold it in if the clip gets damaged.

Good luck

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