2008 Smart Fortwo Convertible

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Hi there Smart Car Fam!

I am relatively new to the Smart Car world and brand new to this fourm (wish I knew about this forum before) but I am not very car savvy (only good at IT stuff loll) my wife loved the way the Fortwo looked and convinced me to get one so we bought an amazing Smart Car a couple months ago (in impeccable condition).  I had no issues since the car only has like 70K on it.  The convertible motor works perfect, AC works amazing, the car with paddle shifters, alloy rims, the tires were brand new, ad the owner had also put in a brand new oil pan since the original one was cracked during an oil change by Canadian Tire lol.  so we had been very happy with the car.  At any rate, we finally had our first problem last month where the Car would not go to R or D.  Apparently this is common problem, and my mechanic told me I needed to get a clutch actuator (errors codes were P0905 and P0805).  So I didn't think twicen and bought a brand new actuator from Merc Benz Maple (cost me more than $800), then my mechanic installed it and said my problem wont be resolved until i go back to Merc Benz Maple to get it re-programmed.  Again I didnt think twice and did exactly what he told me.  Once at the dealership, they told me that it's not the actuator ( so I bought the actuator for no reason for $800) nor does it need programming, but rather there is an issue with the Transmission, so the best bet is to get the tranny swapped out and all will be ok.  As I mentioned I am an IT guy, not car savvy at all, so I really don't know what to do next.   Dealership wants way too much to swap the tranny.  I don't want to send the car to the yard as EVERYTHING works perfect, only the tranny is giving issues.   Is there someone here who knows more about Smart Cars and can suggest something? Also, if I want to sell the car for parts, what's the best way to go abouts?  Are there shops or folks on this forum who take project cars?  Any help is appreciated fam!

AC Unit works perfect
Everything works inside
Everything works outside
Engine only has 70K
Brand New Clutch Actuator (the one installed)
Clutch Actuator (the one the mechanic told me to remove, which was not efective)
Oil Pan (less than 1 year old)
4 alloy rims with less than 5 months used tires
Convertible motor works perfect 

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Talk to Glenn Smart 142 here as he is the go to guy for all work on smart cars. IF you want to keep it swapping out the transmission isn't a massive issue when you have the correct tools and now how....glen has both. He also is very very reasonable cost wise. imho... I bough one of my cars from him, fantastic.  IF you and the better half love the car get it repaired by Glenn, but if you are parting it out, then he also may be the man to help you in that problem also. Parted out cars especially ones with a serious issue like a transmission issue will fetch almost nothing for them, just IMHO....fix it then sell it. As a good running vehicle.  Do some serious research here and also at their minimum donation to get into their deep libruary of knowledge...worth every penny....for sure.   I'll bet it is a simple fix not a new transmission.


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