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1 hour ago, Willys said:

I've been playing with it but I wish I could find a way to do whole paragraphs not just a line or two at a time........I even typed in a sentence and that was great, but at one finger or two at a time, it'll take me until next winter just to translate it...lol. There has to be a program that'll do a page at a time well enough to be able to get the main idea of what is being said.    Google has a section or tab that'll translate it then tell you verbally what has been translated....but only a sentence or two at a time.

You need to take a picture of it, size it, then send it  then ok it then it spits it out......that is why I think there must be a better way I just have no idea where or what that is.

My wife's company uses deepl.com....but again....so far only  short distances not full pages so far and then it's the getting the pictures over to the program etc.



Google has an app that runs direct from the phone, no uploading/shuffling required. Point it at the text, hit the button, get a translation. Last used it getting some detailed instructions that just happened to be in Japanese.


Edit: Nevermind, I see you got it, should have loaded the page again.

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