Car won't move..!

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Hello everyone, 

new to the site and new to the smart car ownership.. 

i have a 700cc smart for two pulse on a 04 plate, 

it all started with not going into a gear (automatic, reverse, or even on the paddle shifters) and the car just revving..

turn the car off, lock the doors unlock the doors start the car and it works fine, drive it 10 feet or 10 miles, then you could be sat at a red light or a junction in Automatic or using the paddles and it would not go anywhere just rev up, but the dashboard showing A or 1st gear.. 

it sometimes stalls when you are stopping at a junction, and sometimes it has an almighty bang shoving you forward, as if you've just been hit up the back end.. 

the engine management light comes on but always goes out if I disconnect the battery for a minute, which also helps it go back into gear if I do this, (sometimes all I do is turn the car off then back on again)

i had the 3 lines of death one day on the dash but was driving around no problem, when I got home DC the battery and lines gone.. 

it's had the actuator checked, this was all fine but when put back on the car, it started off making a funny noise like it was struggling to select a gear, the noise stopped eventually..? there was some friad wires next to it that where rubbing on the gear selector, they were fixed, it's been plugged in and shows no fault codes, it's had the gearbox remapped (so the garage told me) but all that has made no difference, one guy told me it was the ECU that is shot..? 

Can anyone please please help me out and point me in the right direction before I ring the really expensive 

Smart Car Dealership...! 😭


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sounds way to familiar...i have a 08 fortwo with barely 72K which needs a new transmission...very similar symptoms...

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Welcome DH  to the site, great people here with great knowledge and are always willing to help.  But seeing as you are in England have you tried this other site, Evilution.co.uk  Join there and pay their minimum donation. It'll be the best money spent as it is a very very good technical site.  The owner is old school and likes people when they ask questions with all the typical manner etc  please and thank you's....simple stuff....when you contact him that is.....it'll go much further and he points this out when you start the letter to him for help.  Sounds very bad I know but many people now a days seem to have forgotten these little things it must be or he wouldn't have mentioned it...?   He is a nice guy who knows Smarts inside and out.   There are many great people here also who will no doubt pipe up to offer help and or suggestions to help you solve your problem .   The more sites you can research from the better it'll be to find that solution to your problem I have found.  Good luck, sorry I can't be much more help.


This goes for you too Shaheer....although you are much closer to Smart142 here who is our GURU so to speak...London area if you are wondering where he is.

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