(SOLD) 2006 Smart Fortwo cdi Cabrio Pure, Black, 160,000km

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MUST SELL ASAP: 2006 Diesel Smart Fortwo Pure $5000obo.



Does the cost of fuel and car ownership get you down? Or, are you worried about the cost of car ownership? Wouldn’t you rather literally laugh when you fill up your car? How about $100 a month instead of $100 to fill up once? There’s a lot of talk about environmental responsibility these days. Why be wasteful and excessive? Why waste YOUR money on fuel? Be Smart! Actually.

  I am saddened to have to sell my 2006 Smart Fortwo Cabrio Pure tdi, but I am moving overseas shortly and need to find a new home for this great car ASAP. I have owned this car since the fall of 2013. This Smart Car also includes thousands of dollars in upgrades such as a one-of-a-kind, custom “Mad Max Continental Package” including spare tire mount, hitch (I intended mainly for a hitch mount bike rack) and tow bar for behind your RV, plus loads of extra parts including a complete extra set of body panels, headlamps, tail lamps, summer and winter wheels and many other extra parts.

Having often enjoyed weekend camping/climbing/mountaineering trips, snowboarding trips, ice climbing trips, etc. and living in Edmonton and then Canmore, I think I drive a lot. As a result, this car has mostly highway miles on it and has been on many amazing adventures. I have been diligent with maintenance and repairs and always get things fixed if it is needed. This car manages the winter very well. I have plowed through many a horrendous snowstorm on the highways, often leading the pack and swiftly skirting around the timid drivers. The traction control system is phenomenal and this car has never let me down or left me stranded. True story. This is a ‘Driver’s Car’ as my fellow Smart owner friend, who used to drag race at a high level, refers to it.



Don’t worry about upcoming repairs. I have complete maintenance history since I purchased it. The car was just serviced with next schedule service due in ~8000kms. The following repairs have been done recently (last two years) at over $5000 of work:

- Replaced faulty Turbo Charger with low km used unit and new pressure sensor installed.

- Replaced faulty alternator with low km used unit and new belt installed.

- New Left and Right Stabiliser Hangers installed (front suspension).

- New Left Lower Tie Rod end (front suspension).

- New EGR valve installed.

- New front brakes, both rotors and brake pads.

- New Winter Tires!


What can $5000obo get you?




- Just over 160,000km on this car.

- Annual fuel cost $1200* (*9 year average. Lowest year was $461.95 fuel for 14,827km of driving. Highest year was $1729.93 fuel for 24,2091km of driving).

- Fuel Economy = 61.33mpg or 3.83L/100km (Actual real world fuel economy)

- Complete daily driver operating cost is averaged to $7.63/day or $0.15/km (that is based off of fuel and maintenance costs over 9 years of Smart driving and excludes cost of insurance as that is variable according to individual and policy etc.).

- Convertible with three stage convertible top (Rag Top/Sun Roof, Full top down, and removable roof rails that store seamlessly inside the tailgate for when you really want to party).

- Powered by Mercedes 0.8L, 3 cylinder turbo diesel.

- Cruise Control.

- CD AM/FM Stereo.

- will store in most truck beds (probably, I’ve never tried)

- and more!!


Make me an offer.


Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding the car and extras. Many people have a skewed perspective of this vehicle and its capabilities. Current or previous Smart owners will already be aware of the quirks and benefits of this vehicle. I hope to hear from you soon.

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