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Hi guys, 


I just bought a 2006 Smart Fortwo Passion CDI. So far (knock on wood) she is healthy with no known issues. I'd like to keep it that way by tuning out the EGR and any other fuel economy / reliability tuning that can be done. Also, I am in Canada if that matters? 


That being said, can someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction or answer a few questions about tuning for me? 


What hardware do I need? 

I seem to understand I need a KWP 2000 Plus like this one: is that correct? 


What software do I need? 


Where do I get the BINS, or flash files? 


Also any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance!



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Welcome to the site, great to have more smart guys showing up.   Speak with Stickman007 for a EGR emulator, he's the man on that front. A simple exhaust pipe with nurls on each end will replace it then his emulator....job done. Oh and you can delete a few metres of heater hose going to heated hot gas pipe off manifold then a blanking plate.....hardest part is the removal of EGR mounting bolts. BUT, while in there take a serious look at inter cooler for rub through area on the forward facing side at he bottom as it's very common. Trim off 1/4" of air scoop that is in front of it and you'll be golden from then on. IF rubbed through, you have two choices, either a new or new used unit or a fancy JBWeld repair....time consuming but effective. All these are searchable I'm sure here. 
As for your tuning question....yes you are right about parts needed from what I read a while back but haven't done it myself as mine came with tune already. Not sure it's a good spend as it's probably cheaper to get a member here o add it for you for the cost of a drive to London unless you find someone in Ottawa, which I think is possible.   You'll only use it once....better to set up a STAR system for future issues possibly....? Just a thought.  I'm getting easily 80 mpgs or better than 3.5 litre per hundred driven....Toronto to Ottawa for less than $ 10 or so above the limit on #7


Hope this helps and again welcome.

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I agree with Willys that Stickman007 is probably the guy to talk to.  There are several members here that could reflash your car for a fee but Izzy seems to be the guy that understands the technical side.  Here is a post he started.



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