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My 2006 CDI Fortwo’s interior heater seems to only have one level of output.  It only seems to blow on full power, when I move the little switch down to a lower speed there seems to be nothing. 😏. I’ve checked and replaced the fuse, is this just something I have to live with?

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The speed control for the fan is on the right-hand side of the vents on the dash, but I am sure you knew that. :)  The sliding switch on the left-hand side of the vents either brings air in from the outside or closes that off and recirculates the cabin air.


If you set your slide bar that directs the air flow, to the dash (extreme left position), you can feel the movement of air if all is working as it should.  If you are only getting air movement on the high setting, then it is possibly the switch.   I am not a mechanic, and I am sure others will chime in with other thoughts on the subject.  Good luck.


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The blower motor resistor Is probably burn't out.

On most other vehicles the register slows down the speed of the fan giving you multiple speeds.

Once it gets burned out or in a non working state it'll only allow the fan to work on high, this way you still at least have a fan working.

I don't know where on the Smart this is located but it's normal close to the fan motor in the air duct as it also uses the movement of air to keep them from over heating.

Most are normally found up under the dash.

Will be a plug with 3-6 wires on a rectangular like plate screwed onto the plenum somewhere.

I've also seen them in other shapes but rectangle is most common.


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