A/C Off malfunction - Drive Sys. -> Engine Off

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Last week I came out to my 2016 Electric Drive with 75000k and unplugged as usual. Went to start the car and got these A/C Off malfunction and Drive Sys. -> Engine Off errors.


By the time I checked on the web to see what it was (all bad news) and went back to the car, the car booted and ran no problem. Of course this left me uneasy as all the time I've had the car I've had no issues.


I drove a week with no problems and then yesterday while driving it threw the same error. I pulled over and stopped the car. Took out the key. Waited about a minute and restarted. The car ran fine. Then about 10 minutes later it did the same thing. While I'm driving the engine just kicks out. WTF!


Anyone ever seen anything like this? I obviously have to make an appointment with the stealership but I want to have some idea what I'm in for.


In the mean time I was going to change out the 12V battery. What do you think? Could it be as simple as that?


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On my older 2013 Smart ED (same design as the 2016) these errors would pop up periodically, but not as often as you are listing.

And for sure, never had the motor stop while driving!

Absolutely take this in for service, your life is worth it, losing power while mid left turn would be dangerous for example.

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Yeah I hear ya. I put in a new 12v battery hoping it would resolve the issue and for a few days it was running well. Then yesterday morning I got in the car and I got the red motor light.


I shut it off and removed the key. Waited 10 seconds and retried and it worked OK. This seems to be a workaround for the moment. Just reboot the car but you have to remove the key. If you just turn it on and off it doesn't work.


I really hate this intermittent stuff. It makes it hard to diagnose and then you can't reproduce it at the dealer so it sits and languishes if there is no stored code.


I'm sort of glad someone else has seen the issue. Did you ever get it diagnosed or did you just shrug it off and keep driving?


This is the first time this car has thrown any kind of CEL otherwise its been a perfect drive so far.

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So I brought it to a big MB shop in the city hoping they had seen this issue before and its a good news bad news story. The good news it that the diagnostic was quick.


The bad new is that it's the HV battery that is defective and the car is 3 months out of warranty.


Management is discussing whether to "Good Will" the part because the price of the part is $12,000


So the 2016 car I bought used last year in October for $12k, which I thought was a good deal, is now essentially worthless.


I'm beginning to rethink this electric car thing because this is a huge single point of failure. The car is essentially a write off.


Stay tuned.

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Ouch, truly sorry for your ordeal.

I traded away my early 2013 Smart ED for a new 2018 Smart ED, almost entirely because the new 2018 has an 8 year battery + motor warranty whereas the old 2013 had a 4 year.


Agree that Mercedes in particular has a poor story with the Smart, as the battery packs they make are exceptionally expensive compared to the rest of the vehicle, it does almost make these throw away disposable items if the battery pack is worth more than the car itself.


Whereas a Tesla battery pack, even if failing can be sold in online marketplace for reasonable values, and Tesla replacement packs can be purchased and installed on 3rd party market place as well.

No such marketplace exists for the much much much smaller market as the Smart is a truly low volume vehicle.

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