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Reset Service indicator light

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OK at the risk of sounding really thick...


How do we reset the service indicator light on the 2016 ED? I've got the "Service in 45 days" message that I've been ignoring for about 2 months,


I've looked at about a 5 videos and they all show you how you press on the left button on the dash to get to the wrench/service/mileage and turn off the key and holding the same button turn on the key. Yada yada yada.


I have done this on my CDI Smart and other cars tons of times.


My problem is I cannot get to the wrench/service mileage screen on the electric. I've tried a dozen different ways and I've been through every menu but I never get the wrench with mileage. Its only a Service in 45 days message and it just keeps flashing


If someone could let me in on the trick.


BTW the temp is around +2 so I also get the freezing message. Could that have an influence?

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Never mind!


After a couple of dozen more times trying with some of the following options


"Started the car's engine instead of just switching to position 1, it worked"
"Walked clockwise around the car 3 times first, it worked"
"Prayed to the sun God Ra as I held down the button, it worked"
"Played Toto's Africa on a kazoo, it worked"
"It didn't reset unless I performed the steps whilst sporting a full erection".


Thanks to Evilution for the options. :P

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