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I have a ForTwo 451 CDi and yes, despite being the Passion model for softies, it's still really bumpy.


The worst aspect of the road ride though was the instability when driving around 70mph - I was constantly nudging the steering wheel to remain in the motorway lane.  However, one day a nail scrapped a rear tyre so did some research on a tyre forum.  The ratings there indicated that the factory default Nexen tyres are rubbish.  Having taken the ecological and economic "opportunity" to change both rear tyres, I'm happy to say that the ratings were correct and the  Pirelli Cintaurato P1 Verde 175/55R15 77H have ransformed this Smart Car into a stable ride at any speed.

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I also am constantly bumping the steering as you say at highway or above 50 MPH speeds. I used to ride motorcycles that would get blown around on the road by any wind gusts. I rode street and trail styled bikes not heavy So this bumping to stay in line I accepted. And have gotten used to. BUT after saying this I am now starting to think maybe time to go after steering connection points and start replacing to see if it's just the light wieghtness of the car or a worn system.  It won't happen until the white stuff has left unless it forces me to, so I have time to build my fundage account back up ready for the

The ride I am after is a smooth soft ride over bad road conditions, not so much the on rails feel of a good well made vehicle with condom thickness rubber on wide   As it seems the local government thinks we can go back to horse and buggy style roads and not repair them like they used to a decade or so ago.   So my thinking is to get  the opposite rubber to road thickness and get semi balloon type tires with larger side wall characteristics to help the short suspension travel we own on our cars.   Seeing as the road surfaces are so damaged today these condom thick tires just don't cut it imho.     My racing days are behind me so high speed cornering isn't my first priority any longer as it was back a quarter century ago.   Damn it feels wierd marking time in percentage of a century instead of

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