N11-5 brown plug to SAM

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i have no idea what bolts youre talking about but does it really matter for them to be torx?...just use regular metric bolts or metric screws

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I simply siliconed the ECU back in place, you can always cut the silicon  away to get it out next time.....I had to take mine out a second time just to recheck due to curiosity and it came out easy enough and went back in just as easy. You just need to wait a day to allow silicon to dry.


The dash screws, well....I think you should be able to get philip heads to work just as good and they are just a standard metric thread, sorry don't know which size.....and don't have any to check without taking them out of a dash...lol.  But they are small....IF you need to drill and tap, simply tap in machine sized screws and not metric if that helps???


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