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Long story short: I’m looking for recommendations as to where in west end Toronto I can take my 2009 cabrio 451 with an upgraded Billstein suspension for safety certification so that my daughter can take over ownership. 


The long story: I gave my upgraded 2009 451 cabrio to my daughter. For the required safety certification for the ownership change, I recommended that she take it to a local nation wide franchise garage that we’ve used for a few odds n ends for a couple of years.


The garage claims that in order to safety certify the 451, the high end Billstein B14 adjustable sports suspension (bought from Flytiger along with numerous other things like 16/17” rims etc etc) that I had installed 7-8 years ago has to be replaced by the oem suspension. This they claim is due to the Billstein suspension “causing rumbling noise, play” and when questioned they claimed the suspension was “lurching” which I apparently got use to driving the car. Huh? This is one smooth handling 451 as compared to oem 451’s. Further, it has been lowered 15mm as compared to oem Brabus 451’s (which BTW have upgraded Billstein suspensions) which are lowered 10-15mm and also have 16/17” rims in Europe (15/17” in North America). I’ve had this 451 in for work at other franchisee garages who do free 30 point inspections who would have jumped at the chance to get me to pay for “necessary” suspension work.


The bill for this “require” work is $1700+HST. That’s more than I paid for the Billstein suspension and it’s installation. No proposal was made by this franchisee to modify or adjust (eg raise) the upgraded Billstein suspension, which by the way has German TuV certification which approves its addition to and use in registered cars there. 

Hence my call out for recommendations on where to take my (soon to be former) 451 for safety certification in west end Toronto.


Thanks in advance!




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id say they are fairly competent if they caught that...its true about original...modified suspensions and things like lift kits and leveling kits are illegal


the laws got a lots stricter about 2 years ago


you just need to shop around until you find a shop that is less picky

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Wow that's harsh.  And it makes me wonder how all the Chebbie Trucks etc with lift kits, HID bulbs blinding everyone else and rolling coal are on the road there...

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thats exactly the kind of garage you need to with big trucks in the parking lot doing modifications who dont follow the safety laws exactly


my f150 has extra leafs...heavy duty coils and a leveling kit....all technically change it from stock and should be illegal but they passed it 

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